Please use the following Degree Audit Help Request link to submit degree audit issues or questions to the Office of the Registrar - Degree Audit team. A&S undergraduate program degree audit issues need to go directly to the A&S Degree Audit Coordinator. 

This form is NOT to be used for curriculum updates. Curriculum changes must be submitted using the curriculum inventory management system (CIM) during the annual curriculum update process. For information on curriculum changes please visit:  Degree audits will be updated annually based on the approved program curriculum for each catalog.

*This form is NOT intended for student use. If you are a student and have issues with your degree audit, please contact your academic advisor.

Degree Audit Help Request


You may download the following email template to save the Degree Audit Help Request Form to your computer (desktop or other location) for quick access to the form. (Click on the Email Template link below to open it. Once the page opens, click on the download link at the top left. Finally, save the download to your computer.) Once saved, you can submit a Degree Audit Help Request directly from your computer without having to open the webpage.

Degree Audit Help Request - Email Template