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As previewed in Chancellor DiStefano’s May 26 message, we're beginning to adjust the Fall 2020 schedule of classes to meet the health and safety goals that will enable our return to campus. (Note: These changes do not impact Colorado Law or MS-EE on Coursera courses.)

For those of you who've already registered for fall classes, we’re working to minimize disruption to your existing schedules and maximize your opportunities to take the classes you need to finish your degree.

With these goals in mind, you can expect to see the following adjustments to the fall class schedule:

  • Class meeting times will shift to allow a 20-minute passing period between classes
  • Some in-person classes will change to a remote, online or hybrid teaching format
  • Many class meeting locations will be updated to accommodate changes to teaching format or class size, or to allow for appropriate social distancing
  • New class sections will be added and others may be canceled

You'll begin to see these adjustments starting today and continuing through mid-to-late July, at which time you can review your revised schedule in Buff Portal.

Schedule Adjustment & Open Enrollment Periods

Every fall, students have opportunities to adjust their class schedules in early August and again during open enrollment starting the week before classes begin.

The exact dates of these periods may shift, but you’ll have multiple opportunities to add, drop or swap your classes after these automated adjustments are made. You'll also have through Aug. 14 to withdraw from the semester with a full refund.

[UPDATE: See the Fall 2020 academic calendar for revised registration dates.]