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As referenced in the chancellor's May 26 announcement, classes will be held on campus through Wednesday, Nov. 25, shortening fall break (typically a full week). Campus will be closed as scheduled for the Thanksgiving holiday and the day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 26 and 27), and all classes will continue remotely and/or online through the end of the semester.

With classes scheduled to meet during three additional days in late November, many subsequent dates have moved up accordingly, includng the last day of classes and final exams:

Fall 2020 Event Previous Date Current Date
Last Day of Classes Dec. 10 Dec. 7
Last Day to Apply for COF or Submit a COF Lifetime Limit Extension Request (5 p.m.) Dec. 10 Dec. 7
Last Day to Apply for a Graduate Leave of Absence (5 p.m.) Dec. 10 Dec. 7
Last Day to Withdraw from the Semester (11:59 p.m.) Dec. 10 Dec. 7
Last Day for Undergraduates to Submit, Update or Cancel a Graduation Application (11:59 p.m.) Dec. 10 Dec. 7
Reading Day (No Classes; No Exams) Dec. 11 Dec. 8
First Day of Final Exams (1:30 p.m.) Dec. 12 Dec. 9
Last Day of Final Exams Dec. 16 Dec. 13
Last Day to Dispute Tuition (5 p.m.) Dec. 16 Dec. 13
Last Day to Authorize COF (11:59 p.m.) Dec. 16 Dec. 13
Degree Conferral Date (No Campuswide Ceremony) Dec. 17 Dec. 14
Deadline for Instructors to Post Grades (11:59 p.m.) Dec. 21 Dec. 17
Deadline to Update Diploma Name & Address (11:59 p.m.) Jan. 19 Jan. 16
Degrees Post to Transcripts (5 p.m.) Jan. 22 Jan. 19
Certificates Post to Transcripts (5 p.m.) Feb. 5 Feb. 2
Diplomas Mail to Graduates Feb. 15 Feb. 12
Certificates Mail to Graduates March 1 Feb. 26

See also the Fall 2020 academic calendar PDF and Fall 2020 key academic dates.