Published: Sept. 11, 2018 By

Just in time for Fall 2019 course planning, we're excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new online Course Proposal and Course Revision Forms (links will be provided next week).

To make sure you're comfortable with the new forms, we're offering introductory support sessions starting later this week (see below) and will continue to accept the paper forms through Sept. 30.

These new online Course Proposal and Revision Forms make the entire process more efficient, transparent and collaborative by:

  1. Allowing the submitter to upload comments and supporting documentation for the approvers. 
  2. Checking for errors as the submitter completes the form, helping to keep typos from derailing the submission.
  3. Identifying every catalog page on which the course appears, alerting the submitter to potential down-stream effects. (Key departments receive an FYI notification when course changes are submitted.)
  4. Sending reviewers and approvers automated reminders to keep the process moving.
  5. Allowing the submitter to track the form's status as it moves through the review and approval process.

The online Course Proposal and Revision Forms are pretty intuitive and have many of the same fields and request similar data as the previous PDF forms. We're initially offering the following in-person support sessions:

  • Thursday, Sept. 13, 1:30–2:30 p.m., Regent 1B60 (lower level)
  • Thursday, Sept. 13, 3–4 p.m., Regent 1B60 (lower level)
  • Friday, Sept. 14, 8:30–9:30 a.m., Regent 1B60 (lower level)

Seating is limited, so please RSVP for your preferred session. Proposal approvers, including department chairs, will be invited to a separate session later this month.