Published: Aug. 22, 2018

The university is committed to protecting your personal information and providing you with options for limiting or expanding access to your information.

Establish Your Personal Security Passphrase

When contacting CU staff by phone, over LiveChat or in person without a photo ID, you’ll need to provide your security passphrase so we can verify your identity.

To view or set your security passphrase:

  1. Log in to MyCUInfo.

  2. On the Student tab, click to expand the Profile & Settings menu.

  3. Under Account Settings, click Manage Profile and Privacy.

  4. In the pop-up menu, click Security Passphrase.

  5. If you've already set your passphrase, it'll be displayed in the field near the bottom of the screen. If the field is blank, enter a passphrase and click Save.

Don't share your security passphrase with anyone. To give someone else access to your record, set up third-party access (below).

Grant Third-Party Access

To allow a third party (e.g., parent, partner or sponsor) to access your education records, complete one or both of the following authorizations.

  • FERPA Consent to Release: FERPA consent allows CU staff to discuss your education or financial records with your designated third party by phone, over LiveChat, by email or in person. We'll confirm their identity by asking them to provide the password you established for them.

  • CU Guest Access: Your designated third party can create an account and log in to the CU record system for read-only access to select items in your education record.

Elect Full Privacy

Your education record contains what's referred to as directory information, including your first and last name, dates of attendance and campus email address. While rare, if you want to restrict access to that information, visit our Full Privacy page to learn more.
If you have questions about your security settings, please contact the Office of the Registrar. 
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