Rebecca Lee is a doctoral student in Linguistics at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she is also completing certificates in Cognitive Science; Culture, Language, and Social Practice; and College Teaching.  She received her B.A. in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley in 2013, and her MA in Linguistics from CU Boulder in 2020.  Her work combines perspectives from cognitive semantics, construction grammar, and sociocultural linguistics.  Specifically, she studies the mental representation of lexical and constructional polysemy, and social variation in the use of polysemous words in different communities of practice.  Relatedly, she also examines how the syntax-semantics interface can be leveraged to study social and political ideologies, and is interested in interrogating the relationship between semantic and social meaning.  Rebecca has a passion for teaching and is the 2022–2023 CTL Lead Graduate Teaching Fellow for the Department of Linguistics.


Website: https://home.rebeccalee.buffscreate.net/