John Stevenson, Ph.D.

John Stevenson has been a faculty member at Boulder since 1982, and is a scholar of British literature of the eighteenth century, and the author of two books, including most recently, The Real History of Tom Jones (2005), which won the Eugene Kayden Book Prize in 2007. His articles on the eighteenth- and nineteenth century novel have appeared in such journals as PMLA and ELH; he has also presented his...
Linda in SF

Linda Nicita, Ph.D

Assistant Program Director
With 29 years of experience at CU -- on both the faculty and administrative sides -- Dr. Nicita oversees operations for PWR, including budgeting, course management, faculty support, student enrollment, office logistics, and coordination with other CU units. Working closely with the Program Director and other faculty administrators, Dr. Nicita ensures that the PWR’s various curricular initiatives carry out the mission of the program.

Laurie Gries, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Graduate Studies • Adviser for the Writing and Public Engagement Minor
Laurie Gries is responsible for managing PWR’s graduate program, which includes training and supervising PWR’s amazing GPTIs. In addition, she works with administrators and faculty in both PWR and English to coordinate the new Writing and Public Engagement minor.
Christine Macdonald, Ph.D.

Christine Macdonald, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Professional Development and Curricular Oversight
Dr. Macdonald is responsible for oversight of all professional development plans and activities for PWR faculty, including workshops and mentoring. She identifies opportunities for faculty to demonstrate multiple measures of teaching effectiveness and Chairs the PWR Professional Development Committee.

Rolf Norgaard, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Upper-Division Curriculum • Teaching Professor of Distinction
Rolf Norgaard (Ph.D. Stanford University) is Teaching Professor of Distinction at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he serves as Associate Director of the Program for Writing and Rhetoric. He has published widely on the rhetorical dimensions of writing instruction in institutional and curricular contexts, information literacy, technical communication and design, writing across and in the disciplines, and writing as a vehicle for civic engagement and ethical inquiry. He has...
Lonni Pearce, Ph.D

Lonni Pearce, Ph.D.

Associate Director for First-Year Writing
Dr. Pearce is responsible for oversight of all first-year writing courses including curriculum and assessment and providing pedagogical resources for faculty. In addition, she works with the Library, RAPs, and Student Affairs on programmatic and policy issues related to first-year writing and the first-year experience.

Dawn Colley, Ph.D.

Continuing Education Liason

Andrea Feldman, Ph.D.

Coordinator for English as a Second Language Writers • Teaching Professor of Distinction
Andrea Feldman is a Teaching Professor of Distinction in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric at CU Boulder. She initiated and continues to coordinate the Program for Writing and Rhetoric’s ESL program in scientific and professional writing. She received her Ph.D. in Cognitive Linguistics, specializing in Language Acquisition, from CU Boulder in 1998, and joined the CU faculty in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric the following year. Her research...

Nathan Pieplow, M.Ed.

Student Affairs Coordinator
Nathan Pieplow hears and resolves all disagreements and complaints between faculty and students in PWR classes with regard to consistency in teaching and evaluation as well as FERPA compliance.