Advertising Guidelines Last Revision: 4/28/2016
Strategic Relations at the University of Colorado Boulder encourages and welcomes issue-neutral, commercial advertising in our nonpublic forum print publications in order to raise money to promote CU Boulder and its programs. We offer advertisers exposure to around 30,000 students and 7,000 faculty and staff members. Because of our commitment to responsible advertising and the underage demographic of our student body, we reserve the right to limit the types of advertising accepted for print publication. The following types of advertising will not be accepted:

  • Liquor store ads (off-premise licensees) that market alcoholic beverages restricted to persons 21 years of age and older
  • Advertising from liquor, wine and beer manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Restaurant/bar ads (on-premise licensees) that do not advertise food
  • Restaurant/bar ads (on-premise licensees) that promote excessive consumption, e.g. happy hours, two-for-one specials, ladies’ nights
  • Advertising for tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco products
  • Advertising for medical/recreational marijuana and related retail establishments
  • Advertising for illegal/controlled substances
  • Advertising for paraphernalia that is likely to be used in conjunction with illegal/controlled substances
  • Advertising for gambling/gaming; related lodging or eating establishments may be advertised, but no mention of gambling/gaming is allowed; ads should conform to restaurant/bar ads, above
  • Illegal or questionable nutritional supplement advertising
  • Advertising for 900 telephone numbers
  • Adult entertainment or advertising of a sexually explicit nature Escort or call service advertising
  • Advertising for guns, ammunition or related products
  • Political, opinion, issue-oriented advertisements
  • Advertising that is discriminatory in nature, including race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, sex, age, national origin, political affiliation, political philosophy, disability or veteran status
  • Advertising that implies affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship by the University of Colorado Boulder, without express written approval
  • Advertising from other colleges, universities, or institutions of higher education
  • Any other advertising that is deemed to be inappropriate or is harmful to either the reputation or image of the university, at the sole discretion of Strategic Relations

Note: Advertising accepted from any liquor licensee shall include a “drink in moderation” statement in at least 12-point type size if alcohol is mentioned in the ad. All other relevant university policies apply to advertising, including:

  • Computer use policy
  • University brand identity and logo usage policy Licensing policy
  • Copyright
  • Web publishing policies
  • Procurement Services policies

The assistant vice chancellor for strategic marketing of Strategic Relations shall enforce these regulations. Persons, agencies, organizations or their representatives who wish to appeal a decision based on these guidelines may file a written appeal with the vice chancellor for strategic relations. Nothing in these guidelines is intended, nor should be understood, as an endorsement or approval by the University of Colorado, of any advertising or promotion; an invitation or license to advertise or promote; or the granting of any right or permission to advertise or promote on campus beyond the rights existing under federal and state law.