Published: Feb. 3, 2023

With the recent snowstorm in mind, winter commuting can be difficult. Although multi-use paths are a first priority for plowing in Boulder,  bike lanes should also be cleared on designated snow plow routes. When this isn't the case, please report it to help out all your fellow bicyclists. 

To request plowing/de-icing for Streets and multi-use paths:

  • Online you may "Make a Service Request" for street plowing using the button at the bottom of the Snow Plow Request page.
  • For fast response times - to report icy street and multi-use path conditions during a snowstorm, call Snow Dispatch at 303-413-7109.
  • To report icy streets and multi-use path conditions outside of a snowstorm, call Transportation Maintenance at 303-441-3200 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, to make a service request.