The Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve.We thank Enafa Efitroaromy, Ehandidy Ellis, Emady Rigobert, and Elahavelo of the Beza Ecological Monitoring team. We thank Krista Fish, James Louden and Dana Whitelaw as well as our following veterinary colleagues who have provided their assistance with data collection at Beza Mahafaly over the years : David Miller, Martha Weber, Mandala Hunter-Ishikawa, Heather Culbertson, Kerry Sondgeroth, Rachel Mills and Katie Eckert. We also thank Robert W. Sussman, Lisa Gould, Brendan Hayes, Ingrid Porton, Randy Junge, Cathy Williams, Rich Lawler and Diane Brockman for their helpful advice.

Our appreciation also goes to Joel Ratsirarson, Jeannin Ranaivonasy Ibrahim Jacky Youssouf and Emilienne Rasoazanabary, for their strong support and facilitation of our project and for their friendship. Our appreciation also goes to the Département des Eaux et Forêts, Ecole Superieur des Sciences Agronomiques, Université d'Antananarivo and ANGAP for allowing us to continue our research at Beza Mahafaly.

The Beza Mahafaly Biology Project formally acknowledges support from the following funding agencies: The National Science Foundation, The National Geographic Society, The Lindbergh Fund, Primate Conservation Inc., The Saint Louis Zoo, The John Ball Zoo Society, The American Society of Primatology, The CU-Boulder Outreach Committee, the University of Colorado, Boulder and the University of North Dakota.