Master of Arts in Journalism Entrepreneurship

An online professional degree program that prepares you to be a successful journalism professional in today's rapidly evolving media landscape.

Designed for students with a range of professional experience, the program gives you the building blocks to launch or advance your journalistic career. At the end of the program, you will leave with:

  • a strong set of journalistic skills in storytelling, investigative and in-depth reporting, and web development languages;

  • a deeper understanding of the journalism industry, how it's evolving, and how to establish your place in it;

  • a robust portfolio of your own work that supports your personal and career interests;

  • a professional website that can serve as a showplace for your skills, interests, and talents;

  • an insightful, professional assessment of your unique strengths and how to identify market opportunities for your work;

  • an action plan for developing your unique brand and implementing your business idea.

Choose from two specialized tracks

Tailor your education to suit your career goals by choosing from two specialized tracks: Sports Journalism or Journalism Entrepreneurship.