Published: July 21, 2023

Mindy (delHierro) FratesMindy graduated from Adams State University in 2002 with a B.A. in Elementary Education and a minor in History.

What graduate degrees have you received?

Master's in Administration and Leadership

What is your current job or profession?

Dean of Students

What is a fun fact about you?

I am a working mom of 4 amazing kids.

What was your favorite PCDP memory?

I enjoyed making connections with students from other schools!

How did PCDP prepare you for college and professional life?

PCDP gave me the expectations of college academic life as well as socially making new friends. The summer experience was a memory of a lifetime and showed me what I could look forward to in my freshman year of college.

Have you maintained connections with other PCDP alumni?

Yes, many of them!