Quick-Start Checklist PDF Version

Before Starting

First Day

  • Activate your IdentiKey.
  • Ensure your employee information is correct on MyCuInfo.
  • Bring appropriate documentation to your department or Human Resources to complete your I-9 form.
  • Fill out the appropriate tax withholding forms:
    Domestic Postdocs: fill out W-4 on MyCuInfo.                              
    International Postdocs: schedule a consultation with an international tax specialist.
  • Fill out your direct deposit information on MyCuInfo.
  • Have lunch with your coworkers and/or mentor.

First Week

  • Get your Buff OneCard and Eco Pass.
  • Meet with your mentor to discuss your career and project plans.
  • Explore the CU Boulder campus.
  • Complete your online New Employee Orientation, Information Security & Privacy Awareness and Discrimination and Harassment training on MyCuInfo.

First Month

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