Faculty/Staff Eco Pass

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The Eco Pass provides CU faculty, staff, and eligible retirees bus and light rail service (including Local, Regional and Express service). While most services are free, some are offered at low costs. For route information, visit our Bus Routes page.

In addition to bus and light rail rides, your CU Eco Pass can save you money at local businesses through the Eco Pass Extra Program

What if my Faculty/Staff Eco Pass is not working?

RTD experiences problems with the electronic renewal of Eco Passes. The Eco Pass smart cards should have been automatically renewed in RTD’s system – but, so far, the electronic renewal hasn’t worked and Eco Passes are showing on the card validator displays as “INVALID - NO VALUE    $ 0.00.” Drivers have been instructed by RTD to honor your photo ID Eco Pass as a “flash pass” – to let you board after verifying that you match the photo on the card – until this problem is resolved.

If your ECO Pass displays an "Invalid-No Value $0.00" and you wish to reactivate your ECO Pass you may:

1) Have your ECO Pass handy to report the number listed under your photo

2) Call RTD at (303) 299-2273 and press OPTION 1

3) Request a reactivation/recharge of your ECO Pass and list the number under your ECO Pass photo

Within in one week your card will be reactivated.

Most Stampede drivers are aware of the situation but if you bus outside of Boulder you can print out this RTD Driver Bulletin (viewable in Internet Explorer) and have it available in case you have any issues when boarding. Most drivers will honor your card, but if your card reads “INVALID - NO VALUE $ 0.00” and the driver asks you to pay, you can then show them the bulletin.

If the driver still requires you to pay a cash fare (other than the $2.50 surcharge for the skyRide), please note: a) the route, b) date, c) time, and d) location of boarding and e-mail or call Theresa Rinker at RTD theresa.rinker@rtd-denver.com or 303 299-2122 with these four details so that she can follow up with the driver.

Thank you for your patience while RTD improves their renewal system.

Eligibility for Faculty/Staff

All CU-Boulder faculty and staff who are full and part-time continuing employees working with a 50% or greater full-time percentage appointment are eligible. Continuing employees include classified staff, professional exempt employees, and faculty with permanent appointments.

Only CU employees with Boulder campus appointments or home departments and system employees are eligible to participate at this time. 

Eligibility for Retirees

Employees who have retired from and come back to work on the CU-Boulder campus are eligible for the Eco Pass Program. To get an Eco Pass you must have an active work appointment on the Boulder campus or as a system employee in the Peoplesoft record system. 

Who is not Eligible

Student and temporary employees are not included in the Eco Pass program. Volunteers, contractors, spouses and other family members, and CU retirees who do not have an active work appointment on the Boulder Campus or for the CU system are not eligible for Eco Pass benefits. Employees of other CU campuses are not eligible. 

Check your Eligibility

For additional help with eligibility concerns, please e-mail our Transportation Outreach Coordinator.

Obtaining an Eco Pass

  • New employees who are eligible for an Eco Pass Smart Card, will receive their passes when receiving their Buff One Cards (university ID card).  The Eco Pass is a Smart Card, which you tap onto a validator when entering the bus. Be sure that you show the driver your pass in order to verify identity after tapping the validator.
  • Eco Pass Smart Cards may be obtained at the Buff OneCard Office located in the Center for Community (C4C) room N180. For more information, call the office at 303-492-0355.
  • Eco Passes are automatically electronically renewed each year for active CU employees.
  • If you are listed as less than 50% of full-time in PeopleSoft, then you may be eligible for an Eco Pass. Have your supervisor fill out the Eco Pass Eligibility Request form to request an eligibility check.

CHIP Permits

If you cancel your CU faculty/staff parking permit in favor of using your Eco Pass to ride the bus, or to use another alternate mode of transportation, you become eligible to buy CHIP permits. If you drive to work less than twice per week, the CHIP permit will give you a less expensive alternative than the monthly permit. If you need to drive two or more times per week, we suggest retaining your monthly permit.

CHIP permits are temporary permits sold at a rate discounted from the one-day permit rate. Please call our office (303-492-7384) for the current CHIP permit rate. CHIP permits are sold only for lots 169, 256, 308, 436, and 560. They are not refundable. Permits for lots managed by the RBS, Alumni, Continuing Education, and Athletic departments are not eligible for replacement with CHIP permits.

You are eligible for CHIP permits when:

  • you are eligible for the faculty/staff Eco Pass;
  • you cancel your faculty/staff or buffalo permit;
  • you have held a PTS permit for a lot managed by PTS continually for a year.

Eco Pass Extra

Use your Eco Pass to get great discounts at local shops!

The university partners with the City of Boulder to bring Eco Pass users great discounts at local stores. Just show your Eco Pass Smart Card at participating stores to receive discounts on products and services.

Visit the city of Boulder's Eco Pass Extra web page for a list of participating businesses.