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The Keller Center supports and encourages teaching, research and public service on topics and issues relating to the nature, meaning, and contemporary standing of First Amendment rights and liberties. The Center offers undergraduate classes, public events, and scholarly conferences to promote education and research among students, faculty, and members of the community regarding the central place of speech, press, and associational freedoms in American political life.

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CARTSS supports social science research and teaching initiatives on the CU campus. This includes interdisciplinary projects involving faculty from different social sciences and other fields as well as discipline-based work. Seeking innovative ways to integrate faculty research with undergraduate and graduate teaching is a particular priority for CARTSS.

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WIPS is an informal association committed to helping students and faculty who are women or minorities succeed in the discipline. The key goals of this group are to promote and publicize research by women in political science, address obstacles that women and minorities face in pursuing careers in the discipline, and enhance networking between female faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. In order to achieve these goals, WIPS will offer a number of events each semester, including: speaker series featuring research presentations by prominent female scholars, brownbag series highlighting recent research on gendered career issues, and informal social gatherings between women at different levels in the department. The WIPS group represents the political science department’s commitment to addressing issues related to gender diversity.

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The American Politics Research Lab (APRL) supports basic research, educational activities, and public engagement on issues related to American politics. Lab faculty, student fellows, and affiliates pursue scholarly activities over a broad range of topics, utilizing a wide variety of research methodologies and analysis. Current lab projects include research on political behavior, state and local politics, and political agendas and recurring legislation in the U.S. Congress. The Lab is also home to the annual Colorado Political Climate survey. APRL hosts a seminar series that includes talks by lab associates as well as distinguished scholars doing work related to the study of American politics.

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