Published: Jan. 12, 2021
Matt Harvey Brendan Connell Hannah Paul

Congratulations to Matthew Harvey, Brendan Connell, and Hannah Paul on their GIPS Paper Prize awards!

The Graduates in Political Science (GIPS) Paper Prize is a department-level prize designed to provide graduate student participants with funding and feedback on their ongoing research projects. The goal of the GIPS Paper Prize is to recognize the development and encourage the publication of scholarly research by graduate students in the Political Science department.

  • First Place: Matthew Harvey, “The Sublime and The Pale Blue Dot: Optimism in an Era of Ecological Crisis”
  • Second Place: Brendan Connell, “A ‘Diplomatic Advantage?’ Diplomacy, Ideas, and State Access to Capital”
  • Third Place: Hannah Paul, “Personalizing Politics: An Experimental Examination of the Effects of a Refugee’s First-Person Narrative on Political Attitudes”

Thank you to everyone who participated! We had several very good submissions and hope for even more next year!