Ian Shapiro

Dissertation: The Public's Relationship With Political Misinformation Committee: Anand Sokhey (Chair), Jennifer Wolak, Jennifer Fitzgerald, John Griffin, Kyle Saunders, Colorado State University Major Fields: American Politics, Methods Ph.D. 2021 Postdoctoral Civic Engagement Fellow, Brennan Center for Justice

Samantha Moya

Dissertation: Education, Socialization, and Trade Policy: How the Economic Beliefs of Congress Members Influence Trade Openness in the United States Committee: David Bearce (Chair), Adrian Shin, Andy Baker, Srinivas C. Parinandi, Keith Maskus (Economics) Major Fields: International Relations, Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2021 Adjunct Faculty, Denver MBA (Full Time), MBA Programs,...

Erkan Gunes

Dissertation: Policy Agendas and Financial Markets: An Aggregate Level Analysis of Stock Market Reactions to Issue Attention Dynamics Committee: Sarah Wilson Sokhey (Chair), Joseph Jupille, Andy Baker, Joshua Strayhorn, Asaf Bernstein (Business Administration) Major Fields: Comparative Politics, Public Policy, Methods Ph.D. 2021 Postdoc in Social Data Science, Department of Political...

Dalton Dorr

Dissertation: Buying In: Labor Informality and Political Participation in Latin America Committee: Andy Baker (Chair), Carew Boulding, Adrian Shin, Josh Strayhorn, Jeronimo Carballo (Economics) Major Fields: Comparative Politics, Methods Ph.D. 2021 Data Analyst - Homeless Services, City of Long Beach

Christina Boyes

Dissertation: Extractability: Human capital, technical capacity, and the strategic use of natural resources in intrastate conflict Committee: Jaroslav Tir (Chair), Megan Shannon, Aysegul Aydin, Srinivas C. Parinandi, Leilani Arthurs (Geology) Major Fields: International Politics, Public Policy, Comparative Politics Ph.D. 2021 Assistant Professor in the Division of International Studies at CIDE...

Pavel Bacovsky

Dissertation: New Game Plus. The Effects of Videogaming on Sociopolitical Attitudes and Behavior Committee: Jennifer Fitzgerald (Chair), Alexandra Siegel, Anand Sokhey, Sarah Wilson Sokhey, Ethan Scheiner (University of California, Davis) Major Fields: Comparative Politics, American Politics, International Relations Ph.D. 2021 Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics, Bates College

Jaroslav Tir

Latent territorial threat and democratic regime reversals

July 1, 2021

Latent territorial threat and democratic regime reversals By: Johannes Karreth, Jarroslav Tir, Douglas M. Gibler Abstract: Why do some democracies revert to non-democratic forms of governance? We develop an explanation of democratic reversals that emphasizes the influence of states’ external border relations on domestic politics. Latent threats to a state’s...

Adrian Shin

Exchange rates and immigration policy

June 3, 2021

Exchange rates and immigration policy By: Adrian Shin Abstract: What explains cross-national and temporal variations in migrant rights? This article argues that policymakers implement more exclusionary or inclusive policies toward migrants in response to exchange-rate fluctuations. Since exchange rates affect the real value of remittances, exchange-rate depreciation of the host...

Adrian Shin

Migration and Economic Coercion

June 3, 2021

Migration and Economic Coercion By: Brendan J Connell, Samantha L Moya, Adrian J Shin Abstract: Sender costs of economic sanctions exacerbate the enforcement problem associated with multilateral coercive measures. When third-country sanctioners share strategic interests with the target state, they have commercial and diplomatic incentives to defect from multilateral sanctions...

Carew Boulding

Voice and Inequality

May 27, 2021

Voice and Inequality By: Carew Boulding Abstract: The first large-scale study of political participation in eighteen Latin American democracies, focusing on the political participation of the region's poorest citizens. Political regimes in Latin America have a long history of excluding poor people from politics. Today, the region's democracies survive in...