Prepared for student organizations by the Office of Licensing Programs.

The Office of Licensing Programs regulates, promotes, and protects the use of the University's name and identifying marks, both on and off campus. This includes granting approval for use of the many registered service marks and trademarks of the University.

The marks of the University include the seal, the interlocking CU, the athletic buffalo, and the words "University of Colorado," "CU," "Colorado Buffaloes," "Buffs," "Buff Gold," "Golden Buffaloes," "Gold Athletics," "UCB," "UCCS," "CU in the City," and "UCHSC." It also includes items in which there may be a likelihood of confusion regarding the origin of the goods and/or services, such as the use of the word "Colorado" in the school colors of silver, black, or gold, or the use of a likeness of a buffalo to imply affiliation with the University. Additional marks may be added by campuses.

The University has registered its marks in the state of Colorado and the Federal Patent and Trademark Office since 1981 and internationally since 1992. This ensures protection of the integrity and identity of the University. By ensuring that products bearing the University marks are of high quality and good taste, we further promote CU's reputation as one of the nation's finest universities. Proper use of the University's name also stimulates public awareness and support.

Prior written permission is needed from the Office of Licensing Programs for use of the University name or marks. This requirement also applies to independent student groups and organizations who wish to make use of the University name or identifying marks in conjunction with their group or activities.

Using the University's Name

An independent student group may make use of the University name in its title, publications or letterhead, but may not use the name in a manner that in any way would constitute an endorsement, approval or underwriting of any organization, product, activity, service, or contract by the University of Colorado.

Permissable: College Democrats at The University of Colorado

Not Permissable: CU College Democrats/University of Colorado College Democrats

As a general rule the University name cannot precede the name of the organization.

Cost centers of the University of Colorado Student Union (Boulder Campus) Student Government Association (Colorado Springs Campus), and the Associated Students of Colorado University (Denver Campus) may use the University's name preceding the center's name. For example, CU Recreation Center, University of Colorado Environmental Center. This permission extends to club sports organized under the program control of the University.

Using the University's Marks

Student organizations are prohibited from using the University seal or logos on letterheads, business cards, or other identifying materials. Such student organizations may receive permission from the Office of Licensing Programs to utilize a University mark for a special event which the University co-sponsors the event.


All products or services bearing the University's name and/or logos must be purchased from or contracted with licensed companies and will be assessed a royalty fee. Purchases by student organizations and club sports for resale to members (even if the goods are resold at cost) are not exempt from royalties.

For More Information

If you have questions about proper usage of the University name or registered marks, contact the Office of Licensing Programs.

See also Licensing Policy

Effective Date

Thursday, June 25, 2015