The purposes of this policy are to state goals and procedures to attain student body diversity at the University of Colorado at Boulder and to comply with legal rules governing consideration of race and ethnicity in achieving these goals.

General Considerations

The University of Colorado at Boulder seeks students that are highly qualified academically. In our judgment, having students learn from each other is an important part of the University's educational mission. Therefore, the campus also seeks diverse student populations that encompass a wide range of characteristics including geographic origins, social and economic backgrounds, races and ethnicities, viewpoints, special talents, and personal achievements. Assessing personal achievements shall take into account a prospective student's circumstances and obstacles that she or he has overcome. Diversity review shall compare all applicants based on all diversity criteria made relevant by this statement of policy. No separate procedure, track, or criteria may be used.

Consideration of Race and Ethnicity

Among the diversity criteria made relevant by this statement of policy, race and ethnicity are governed by uniquely strict legal rules, yet are an important aspect of educational diversity. To comply with legal limits, race and ethnicity shall be considered in recruitment and admissions when, but only when, admissions criteria that are racially and ethnically neutral would fail to achieve student populations that include a critical mass of students from historically disadvantaged racial or ethnic groups. This condition now exists in most programs at the University of Colorado at Boulder for African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americans. Whether this condition continues shall be reevaluated yearly.

A "critical mass" of students from a distinct racial or ethnic group means a sufficient number to represent a variety of points of view and to avoid such small numbers as might create a sense of isolation. However, admissions procedures shall be flexible and in no event may be based on a racial or ethnic quota.

Student Recruitment and Support

Student recruitment programs, and support of students through financial aid or retention programs, shall be designed to achieve and maintain the kind of student bodies described in this statement of policy. No university-administered recruitment, scholarship or retention program may be restricted on the basis of race or ethnicity. However, this policy shall not preclude student-directed groups on campus from having a racial or ethnic identity on the same basis as other student groups that are identified by such interests as political affiliation, religion, or other grounds of affinity.

Policies of Schools, Colleges, and Departments

Schools, colleges, and departments shall adopt recruitment, admission, and support procedures that are tailored to their programs and consistent with this statement of policy.

The foregoing policy was approved by the Council of Deans on May 4, 2004 and approved by the Chancellor's Executive Committee on May 5, 2004. The policy will be reviewed by the Boulder Faculty Assembly (BFA) in September 2004.

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(Replaces Diversity, Scholarships and Admissions)

Distribution: Campus Wide

Effective Date

Monday, May 10, 2004

Approved By

Richard L. Byyny, M.D., Chancellor


Admissions Working Group