System and Boulder Campus policies exist for the approval and creation of new Centers, Bureaus and Laboratories. See the Office of Policy and Efficiency or Research & Innovation Office. These policies state that these units may be authorized by the Chancellor for an initial term of up to five years, and that renewals may be requested for up to seven years. This UCB Policy Document describes the steps to be followed for such reauthorization. Without such explicit review and reauthorization, Centers, Bureaus and Laboratories are subject to the stated "sunset" provision after no more than five years, and will then no longer be considered campus units, nor may they continue to act as campus units.

Reauthorization follows the same principles followed for initial approval:

1. A request for renewal is required, approved and signed by the Chair or Dean with fiscal oversight and responsibility.

2. The Program Plan and Bylaws must be consonant with the Campus role and mission and with all University and System policies and procedures. If these documents are unchanged from the time of initial authorization, only a brief review by the Research & Innovation Office will be necessary. If other than minor changes are desired, the Program Plan and Bylaws will require review by the Office of University Counsel. Please submit the current version of these documents in addition to the proposed new version, with the changes indicated for simpler review.

3. Industrial or other membership agreements, existing or new, will reviewed by the Research & Innovation Office and the University Technology Transfer Office, and possibly by University Counsel. Please submit copies of these agreements or memoranda.

4. A summary budget showing income and expense amounts, sources and uses for the most recent three-year period is required for review by the Research & Innovation Office.

5. A budget plan for the requested number of years, up to seven, is required for review by the Research & Innovation Office, and by the Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis if needed.

6. A report of the accomplishments of the Center, Bureau or Laboratory is required for review by the Research & Innovation Office, to demonstrate the success of the unit. Components of this report can be lists of publications, reports, seminar series, degrees overseen etc., with an overall narrative and review. Excerpts of any reviews of the Center, Bureau or Laboratory that have been carried out, for instance by outside panels, agency review panels or under the Program Review of the parent unit should be included.

7. A list of the faculty members active within the Center, Bureau or Laboratory is required. The management and responsibility structure must be indicated, with named individuals.

8. The VCR will review these materials and recommend approval for reauthorization by the Chancellor.

In order to carry out an appropriate review, units are urged to begin this renewal process early in the last year of their approved term. For those units that have now passed the terms of their approvals, these requests must be made to the Research & Innovation Office by the end of March 2003.

Centers, Bureaus and Laboratories past the period of their authorization at the beginning of April 2003, and not under review at that time, must then cease and desist operation as a unit of UCB.

Some "Centers" are established by organizations external to the University of Colorado. These units are allowed use of the title of "Center", but only when the source of the authorization of the title is clear. For instance, we have the NASA Center for Astrobiology and the NSF Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. With such clarification, these Centers do not require campus authorization.

Certain Centers have been approved to the level of Deans of the Schools and Colleges, sometimes being based upon named gifts. It is strongly recommended that these Centers also proceed through the campus review process for consistency. If they remain Centers only at the School or College level, an appropriate title should be used, such as the Leeds School of Business Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, and that this title be used on letterheads and other documents.

Effective Date

Monday, December 2, 2002

Approved By

Richard L. Byyny, M .D., Chancellor


R. J. Peterson