A. Purpose of this Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish requirements and standards for the placement of all free publications and newspaper distribution racks in General Fund academic, research, and administrative buildings (“Buildings”). This policy does not apply to other campus buildings such as student housing, UCSU operated buildings and others that are listed on Attachment A. Those buildings may have their own policy on the placement of free publication and newspaper distribution racks.

B. Background

The Boulder Campus has permitted University-related and unrelated organizations to distribute free newspapers and magazines in Buildings without regulation. As a result, newspaper racks have often been placed in locations that violate life-safety and fire codes. Newspapers are often left in hallway floors and not placed in distribution racks. Distribution racks have historically been provided by each individual distributor resulting in a lack of conformity and design.

In the past, newspaper distributors have overfilled distribution racks, have not properly disposed of past issues of their periodicals, and have placed surplus periodicals in the campus waste stream. As a result, the campus has been required to pay the resulting costs of clean-up and waste removal.

C. Policy

The Department of Facilities Management will designate appropriate locations in all campus Buildings for the placement of newspaper distribution racks. All distributors, whether University related or unrelated, wishing to distribute publications for free in campus Buildings must enter into a license agreement with the University. A copy of the license agreement may be obtained at the Office of the Executive Director, Facilities Management. The license agreement will establish the time, location, and method of permitted distribution.

Distributors will be required to pay the University a license fee, which will be established to fund the cost of the newspaper distribution racks and the administrative costs associated with the program. The license will entitle the distributor to use a University-provided newspaper rack.

The license agreement will also establish requirements for the removal of previous editions of publications; require removed material to be disposed of off of University property; prohibit filling distribution racks beyond normal rated capacity, placing publications on hallway floors, affixing or displaying advertising on distribution racks, using racks that are not licensed, or making alterations to the University-provided racks.

The campus prohibits the distribution of free publications in campus Buildings if the distributor fails to execute a license agreement for distribution racks or is found to be in default of an established license as reasonably determined by the Executive Director of Facilities Management after being provided reasonable notice and time to cure.

The campus will dispose of publications discovered in campus buildings that are found to be in violation of this policy.

No newspaper rack license is required if an individual wants to personally distribute publications or other documents to passersby in Buildings. However, such distributions must not impede pedestrian traffic within Buildings and must also comply with the campus Policy on the Use of University Facilities.

Newspaper License Policy - Attachment A
Aden Hall Newton Court
Andrews Hall One Pearl Plaza
Arnett Hall Police and Parking Services Center
Athens Court MCDB
Athens North Court Potts Field Track Storage
Baker Hall Power House
Baker Hall Ancillary Bldg. Practice Football Field Bldg.
Balch Fieldhouse Complex President's House
Balch Fieldhouse Pressbox Reed Hall
Brackett Hall Regent Dr. Autopark
Buckingham Hall Research Lab No. 2
Cheyenne Arapaho Hall Sewall Hall
Children's Center (DACR) Ski Center/Athletic Fieldhouse
Cockerell Hall Smiley Court
College Inn Conference Center Smith Hall
Coop Inst. for Research in Environmental Sciences Stadium Ticket Building
Coors Events/Conference Center Stadium Warehouse, NE of Field
Crosman Hall Steam Conversion Shed
Dal Ward Athletic Center Stearns Towers
Darley Commons Student Recreation Center
Darley Towers Sybase Building
Electric Supply Bldg. Telecom Equip Bldg., Smiley Court
Euclid Avenue Autopark Telecommunications Center
Faculty-Staff Court Temporary Bldg. 78
Faculty-Staff Court Shed Temporary Bldg. 40
Family Housing Community Center Temporary Bldg. 64
Family Housing Expansion Temporary Bldg. 65
Farrand Hall Temporary Bldg. 80
Foundation/Giving Temporary Bldg. 82 (formerly IEC)
Gatehouse/Info Booth Temporary Bldg. 90
Hallett Hall Temporary Bldg. 96
Housing System Service Center Temporary Bldg. 98
Housing System Maintenance Center Temporary Bldg. 99
IEC Classroom Annex Transportation Center and Annex
Institute of Behavioral Science No. 10 Two Pearl Plaza
Institute of Behavioral Science No. 9 University Club
Joint Institute for Lab Astrophysics University Memorial Center
Kittredge Commons US West Advanced Technologies
Kittredge West Hall Wardenburg Student Health Center
LASP Space Technology Research Center Warehouse No. 1
Libby Hall Warehouse No. 2
Marine Court Warehouse No. 3
Marine St. Science Center (RL-6) Warehouse No. 4
MCD Biology Building Williams Village Heating Plant
Mountain Research Station Hostel  

Effective Date

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Approved By

Richard L. Byyny, M.D., Chancellor


Executive Director, Facilities Management