I. Purpose 

Land Mobile Radio (“LMR”) usage enhances campus safety and security. LMR usage also supports the ability of individuals and authorized campus departments to affect campus operations, and to protect people and property by enabling quicker and more reliable campus communication. With this policy, the University of Colorado Boulder adopts and implements an interoperable, campus-wide Land Mobile Radio communications system for public safety, life safety, and business operations.  This policy applies to all LMR users on the Boulder campus.

II. Policy Statement

  1. The University of Colorado Boulder (“CU Boulder”) shall implement and manage a Land Mobile Radio system (“Main LMR System”) that complies with FCC regulations and is interoperable within University units and with  city, county and state Public Safety agencies. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (“Associate Vice Chancellor”) shall authorize and approve all LMR users and has the authority to prohibit or discontinue systems that do not comply with the policy or that interfere with University operations, including systems used by thirdparty entities at CU Boulder.
  2. All CU Boulder units must adopt the Main LMR System or obtain approval from the Associate Vice Chancellor to continue using their unit-based LMR system. The Associate Vice Chancellor may require all units using unit-based LMR systems to partially adopt the Main LMR System by directing the unit to purchase Main LMR System-compatible radios for the following individuals within each unit (“Public Safety and Life Safety Responsible Individuals”):
    1. Unit individuals responsible for the reporting of, and assistance to any Emergency Services Department for the resolution of Public Safety and Life Safety incidents impacting campus residents, students, employees, and visitors. Unit individuals responsible for environments that have Life Safety risk(s), including but not limited to laboratories and mechanical rooms.
  3. The Associate Vice Chancellor may require Public Safety and Life Safety Responsible campus unit Individuals who are not otherwise using the Main LMR System to adopt the Main LMR System by directing the respective individual’s unit to purchase Main LMR System-compatible radios for those individuals.
  4. University units and employees may not depend on personally-owned wireless devices to meet their obligations for ensuring appropriate communications mechanisms are in place to support Public Safety or Life Safety events.
  5. No unit-owned or third-party LMR system or service may interfere with or negatively impact the operation or efficiency of the Main LMR system.
  6. All CU Boulder LMR users, including third-party users, must be trained by the CU Office of Information Technology on the acceptable use and best practices for use of the Main LMR system. All CU Boulder LMR users shall comply with all guidelines, protocols, and procedures for use of CU Boulder LMR systems, including any required certification procedures.
  7. Any violation of the LMR System Policy or related Procedures may be considered misconduct resulting in cessation of system use and, if applicable, corrective or disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

III. Resources 


Effective Date

January 12, 2021

Approved By

Philip P. DiStefano, Chancellor

Policy Owner

Associate Vice Chancellor, CIO