This policy is adopted pursuant to Regent Law Article 7.B., which directs the chancellor or designee to develop a student code of conduct in consultation with the respective student governance group. The Chancellor has delegated this authority to the Provost.

The University of Colorado Boulder is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of intellectual honesty. Commitment to those standards is a responsibility of every student, faculty, and staff member on the University of Colorado Boulder campus.


The intent of this policy is to support the Purpose and to provide fair and expeditious resolution of reports of student academic misconduct.  All students shall abide by the honor code. A student who violates the honor code may be subject to discipline as set forth in the honor code and related procedures.

Functions of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution

The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution shall adopt, publish and implement an honor code and procedures that: (a) integrates faculty and students with opportunity to provide subject matter expertise about academic misconduct matters; (b) provide for hearing officers to resolve cases of alleged violations in conformance with applicable due process standards; (c) authorize educational and disciplinary sanctions; and (d) preserve the right of faculty to exclusively determine academic sanctions.

History: This policy supersedes the Academic Integrity Policy, Student Honor Code Policy, Honor Code Policies and Procedures, Honor Code Statement of Student Rights, Honor Constitution, and any other preceding relevant documents.

Effective Date

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Approved By

Russell Moore, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Boulder Faculty Assembly Chair