A student during a ride along with a CU Boulder officerThe University of Colorado Boulder Police Department is happy to provide ride along and job shadow opportunities with patrol officers, Residential Service Officers (RSOs) and police dispatchers. Please understand that the following factors may be considered as potential disqualifiers for the police ride along program: 

  • If the rider is under 15 years of age;
  • If the rider has previous criminal history;
  • If the rider has pending criminal action;
  • If the rider has a pending lawsuit against the department; or
  • Denial by any supervisor.

The ride along program is available on most days of the week. Generally, the ride along times are four hours in duration and occur during the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Exceptions to this schedule may be made as approved by the chief of police, division commander or shift supervisor.

Want to request a ride along? Please fill out this form. It is recommended that request forms be submitted at least two weeks in advance of your requested ride along date.

Have additional questions? Please email us at cupd-dl-ridealongs@colorado.edu  

The shift supervisor will schedule a date, based on availability, at least one week after the date of application. If approved, a copy of the ride along waiver form will be forwarded to the respective shift supervisor as soon as possible for scheduling considerations. If the ride along is denied after the request has been made, a representative of CUPD will contact the applicant and advise of the denial.