A CUPD officer teaches an active harmer response classThe University of Colorado Boulder Police Department offers both in-person and video presentations on Active Harmer Response. These presentations are designed for students, faculty and staff of the CU Boulder campus.

Quarterly, in-person trainings are generally held for an entire office staff or a group of combined offices who share work space. Work unit members unable to attend an in-person class can view the same content in the video recording below.

Both the in-person course and the video recording, which you can watch on demand, review basic statistical data and include the Department of Homeland Security video “Run. Hide. Fight." The classes discuss how you should react if you find yourself in an active harmer and/or other threatening situations. Every effort is made to address concerns, dispel myths and develop response options.The in-person and video presentations last approximately 90 minutes. 

As a follow-up to this 90-minute training, we can come to your office space and conduct a site security assessment. Through that, we can provide recommendations for enhancing workplace safety.

Then, our Emergency Management division can assist you in the creation or update of an all-hazards emergency action plan for your work space. This will include evacuation plans, shelter in place plans and how to maintain the continuity of operations. The Emergency Management team can provide you with a table top exercise to test your emergency action plan, be sure it's functional and is understood by your staff. 

If your work team is interested in starting these classes or if you would like more information, please contact the CU Police Department Events and Emergency Management Division at emergency.management@colorado.edu