The Mentor Programs Coordinator/SSB Member is primarily in charge of initiating and sustaining the progress of all three mentor programs available to PLC students. Additionally, this staff member serves on the SSB (student scholar board) for the CLA (Colorado Leadership Alliance) in Denver. Finally, this position falls into the Internal Team on the PLC student staff. The Mentor Programs Coordinator must attend both weekly PLC student staff meetings on Mondays, as well as weekly Internal Team meetings in addition to 6-8 other additional office hours during the week.

1) PLC2 - PLC Peer Connection Leadership - Peer-to-peer mentoring program between PLC students.

2) PLC Alumni Mentors - Alumni volunteer time and expertise to interested PLC students.

3) CLA Executive Mentors - Volunteers from the professional, executive Denver community work the the Colorado Leadership Alliance to pair with leadership students from Colorado universities. PLC students sign up to be paired.

The Mentor Programs Coordinator surveys, matches, and kicks-off the PLC2 program in September, and maintains check-ins and assistance to PLC students involved in the program throughout the year. This position is responsible for planning both the kick-off and year end party for PLC2.

In November, the Mentor Programs Coordinator collects names of PLC students who want to be paired with CLA Executive Mentors and assists with the pairing that occurs in the second semester.

Throughout the year, the Mentor Programs Coordinator, writes Alumni Mentor Profiles for the PLC Now. Additional efforts to promote student outreach to the Alumni Mentor program is encouraged and needed throughout the year and can be innovated by the person holding this position.

As a member of the SSB, this person helps other scholars plan and implement the Annual CLA Summit in late January. This requires in-person meetings in Denver, 3-4 times a year. You do not need to have your own transportation, but must be willing to ride the bus to downtown Denver when needed. There is also the opportunity to help the CLA Programs Coordinator to plan the annual CLA Experiential Weekend held in downtown Denver.