Tom DeGrand Portrait

Office: DUAN F319

Research Interests:

I am a theoretical physicist interested in the strong interactions, the part of the Standard Model responsible for the confinement of quarks and gluons into protons, neutrons, nuclei and related objects. My research uses a mix of analytic calculations and numerical simulation on small and large computers. The objects of my studies are systems that really exist (studying the properties of the known elementary particles) as well as theorists' systems which probably don't exist but are idealized versions of real dynamics. In addition, I have an amateur interest in all areas of theoretical physics.

Selected Reviews and Publications:

  1. "Lattice methods for students at a formal TASI," [arXiv:1907.02988 [hep-th]]
  2. "The quark model'' in the Reviews of Particle Properties
  3. Full list of publications available at InspireHEP