Paul Beale Portrait
Professor • Director - Alumni Relations

Office: F621

Research Interests:

Theoretical Physics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of condensed matter systems: exact calculations involving the two-dimensional Ising model, solid-liquid transitions in systems of small molecules, thermodynamic integration methods and their applications to equilibrium solids and grain boundary kinetics, phase transitions in systems of particles with soft repulsive interactions, mean-field theories of liquid crystal systems.

Selected Publications:

  1. "A new class of scalable parallel pseudorandom number generators based on Pohlig-Hellman exponentiation ciphers," Paul D. Beale, (2014). 
  2. "Microscopic origins of first-order Sm-A–Sm-C phase behavior in de Vries smectic liquid crystals," Zachary V. Kost-Smith, Paul D. Beale, Noel A. Clark, and Matthew A. Glaser, Physical Review E 87, 050502(R)-050507(R) (2013). 
  3. "A Thoughtful Approach to Instruction: Course transformation for the rest of us," Stephanie V. Chasteen, Katherine K. Perkins, Paul D. Beale, Steven J. Pollock, Carl E. Wieman, Journal of College Science Teaching, vol. 40, no. 4, 24-30 (2011). 
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