Student Comments

What were your expectation for the class?

  • "Learn safety & basic machine tool use."
  • "I thought I'd be bored to death. I thought I was going to suffer through a lot of lectures to get "certified." Boy was I WRONG!"
  • "Learn how to weld."
  • "How to use a mill and lathe and a bunch of tools."

What was the most important thing you learned from the class?

  • "Getting over the 'fear' of the 'first cut'. Once you start it becomes easier. I expect to use the shop, so learning how to properly use the machines was most important."
  • "I think that being introduced to more that one type of machine."
  • "Rules for safe welding & torch operation. Welding quality assurance/quality control & good techniques."
  • "... a sense of confidence in myself, from knowing that I could do something which I had never before considered that I would be able to do."
  • "It was all important... hands-on experience with the shop tools especially the more complicated tools like the lathe."

Other comments:

  • "It was awesome! I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of useful information."
  • "Sid could not have been more helpful and positive about anything. Even when we messed up, it was ok and he pointed out the good parts of the bead. The number of students is just right, if there were more I think we would have not received enough attention while welding."
  • "Class should be required for graduation for all engineering and science majors. Huge point for Mr. G. He makes the class what it is."
  • "The best course on campus!"
  • "Sid is an excellent teacher."