Martin Goldman Portrait
Professor Emeritus

Office: DUAN F813

Research Interests:

Areas of current research of Dr. Goldman center around linear and nonlinear wave phenomena excited in plasmas (ionized gases) by electron and radiation beams. New electrostatic and electromagnetic wave instabilities and their nonlinear evolution are studied analytically and numerically (using supercomputers). Nonlinear wave phenomena that have been investigated include wave-wave coupling, emission of radiation, chaotic behavior, wave self-focusing, soliton formation, and other "strong" turbulence effects. Applications of this basic research have been made to waves commonly found in the solar wind, in the neighborhood of planetary bow shocks, in the Earth's ionosphere, as well as in controlled laboratory environments.

Professor Goldman served as the PI on a major NASA grant providing theory and simulation for the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission, which launched in 2015. He studied particle heating, acceleration and trapping, nonlinear waves, and energy transport during magnetotail reconnection.