John Price portrait
Professor Emeritus

Office: DUAN F635

Office Hours: Tuesday 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. 

Research Interests:

Low Temperature Physics, Molecular Electronics, Molecular Crystals.

Selected Publications:

  1. “Dipolar Rotor-Rotor Interactions in a Fluorobenzene Molecular Rotor Crystal,” Robert D. Horansky, Erick B. Winston, John C. Price, Steven D. Karlen, Peter D. Jarlowski, Rosa Santillan, and Miguel Garcia-Garibay, submitted to Physical Review B.
  2. “Artificial Dipolar Molecular Rotors,” R. D. Horansky, T. F. Magnera, J. C. Price, and J. Michl., in Controlled Nanoscale Motion in Biological and Artificial Systems, Heiner Linke, editor, Berlin, Springer-Verlag (to appear in the Lecture Notes in Physics series).
  3. “Wide-Range Vibratory Vacuum Gauge,” Dominic J. Thurmer and John C. Price, submitted to Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology.
  4. “Dielectric Response of a Dipolar Molecular Rotor Crystal” Robert Horansky, Laura I. Clarke, John C. Price, Tinh-Alfredo V. Khuong, Peter D. Jarowski, and Miguel A. Garcia-Garibay, Physical Review B 72, 014302 (2005).
  5. “Superconductivity in La-doped strontium titanate thin films,” David Olaya, Feng Pan, Charles T. Rogers, John C. Price, Applied Physics Letters 84, 4020-4022 (2004).
  6. “Thin film field-effect transistors based on La-doped SrTiO3 heterostructures,” Feng Pan, David Olaya, John C. Price, Charles T. Rogers, Applied Physics Letters 84, 1573-5 (2004).
  7. "Current Short-Range Tests of the Gravitational Inverse Square Law," Joshua Long and John C. Price, Comptes Rendus Physique, 337-346 (2003).
  8. "Upper limits to submillimetre-range forces from extra space-time dimensions," Joshua C. Long, Hilton W. Chan, Allison B. Churnside, Eric A. Gulbis, Michael C. M. Varney, and John C. Price, Nature 421, 922–925 (2003).
  9. "The dielectric response of chloromethyl and dichloromethyl dipolar rotors on fused silica surfaces," Laura I. Clarke, Dominik Horinek, Gregg S. Kottas, Natalia Varaksa, Thomas F. Magnera, Tanja P. Hinderer, Robert D. Horansky, Josef Michl, and John C. Price, Nanotechnology 13, 533-540 (2002).
  10. "Frequency dependence of glass encapsulated electrometer resistors," John C. Price, Electronics Letters 38, 413-414 (2002).