Heather Lewandowski Portrait
Professor • Associate Chair - Engineering Physics • Fellow - JILA • EPEN Faculty Mentor (Student's Last Name: A-Z)

Office: JILA X435

Office Hours: Visit Buff Portal Advising for office hours and Zoom link •

Research Interests:

My group studies collisions and reactions of simple cold molecules. Our ultimate goal is to understand the quantum mechanical processes involved in making and breaking a chemical bond. We aim to control the reacting molecules external and internal degrees of freedom in the quantum regime. To accomplish this control, we slow down a supersonically cooled molecular beam using time-varying inhomogeneous electric fields (Stark deceleration). The cold (~100 mK) molecules are then loaded into an electrostatic trap to allow for interactions to be studied for several seconds.

Selected Publications:

For a list of Professor Lewandowski’s latest publications visit https://jila.colorado.edu/lewandowski/publications/scientific/year