As a member organization of the American Physical Society, our department adheres to their Guidelines on Ethics and encourages all our faculty, students, and staff to do the same. If you feel we have failed in this goal, or if there are any issues or areas of concern that we should be aware of, please tell us about it using the forms below. Your feedback is instrumental in providing department leaders a clearer picture of the opportunities and challenges that are arising, as well as giving us an opportunity to address situations that occur. 

You can seek help or share issues or concerns with a variety of different faculty who hold positions of leadership within Physics. Please read the following, which lists several different recipients.

Comments can be submitted anonymously or not, it’s your choice. Information submitted to any of the options will be shared with the Chair of the Department of Physics unless you specify otherwise. Please note that we do not intend for these comments to be used to report specific incidents of protected class discrimination or sexual harassment/sexual violence. However, if such reports are made via the form (anonymously or not), we are required to share them with OIEC. Other resources for reporting and support can be found on the Campus Support and Reporting page.

Department Issue Forms (Optionally Anonymous)

If you would like to seek help from or submit issues to the Physics Department Chair and Vice Chair, please use the Department Chair Issue Form

If you would like to seek help from or submit issues to the Physics Department Ombuds Liaison, please use the Ombuds Liaison Issue Form. The role of the Ombuds Liaison is two-fold: to assist people experiencing problems in the department and to assist in making the department a better place to work. The Ombuds Liaison is interested in hearing about any problems you have in the department and seeing what can be done to remedy the problem.

If you would like to seek help from or submit issues to the Chair of the Representation, Recruitment and Retention (R-Cubed) Committee, please use the R-Cubed Issue Form. R-Cubed is a standing committee in the Physics Department made up of faculty, post-docs, undergraduate and graduate students, and staff members committed to improving equity and inclusion within the department.

If you have questions or would like to submit feedback to a specific Faculty member, please see the list of Physics faculty members