As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and campus response, the Department of Physics and the Duane Physical Laboratories building is restricted to critical personnel only. Only approved critical research and teaching personnel will be allowed in the building.

OIT has provided information for remote teaching resources and remote work resources, as well as remote learning resources during this ongoing situation.

Please review the Campus Coronavirus Updates and Resources Page for the latest information.

Building Access

At this time, all campus buildings are locked and access is only available using a BuffOne Card. Faculty, staff and researchers should work remotely as of Wednesday, March 18, 2020 unless given approval from the department chair. 

The most up to date information on building access and campus restrictions can be found on the Campus Building Access site. Please be sure to check the FAQ section on that page to see if your access questions have already been answered.

Information for Critical Employees

According to University policies and procedure, critical employees who are on campus are encouraged to take the following precautions:

  • Limit your time on campus to working as needed (e.g., remote teaching/critical research functions).
  • Remember that you should still practice social distancing (e.g., use your own office and do not congregate).
  • Be mindful that you may be responsible for cleaning your office and area (e.g., custodial work is not prioritizing your space).

Staff Contacts

Staff are available remotely via Teams chat, phone and email. Please view our department directory for staff contact information and continue to contact individual staff members for assistance. For general questions, please email physics@colorado.edu

Staff members are also available to live chat via Microsoft Teams during office hours. For more information on accessing Microsoft Teams (available to faculty, staff and students), please visit the OIT support page.

Mail Distribution

The Mail Distribution Center is actively updating mail delivery policies. Please view their web page for up to date information. Faculty and staff should track incoming, vital packages and contact the distribution center at 303-492-6524 for pickup and dropoff arrangements. Per guidance from Distribution, a note has been posted on the building entrances to notify Fed-Ex, DHL and some other delivery services to deliver packages to the Distribution Center (3300 Walnut St., Unit B, Boulder, Colorado 80309).