David Nesbitt Portrait
Professor Adjoint • Fellow - JILA

Office: JILA A805

Research Interests:

My research includes quantum-state-resolved laser spectroscopy and dynamics of van der Waals and hydrogen-bonded clusters, time-resolved kinetics of atmospheric radicals, crossed-beam studies of state-to-state inelastic and reactive dynamics, high-resolution laser spectroscopy of jet-cooled radicals and molecular ions, nonlinear frequency generation of narrowband tunable infrared laser sources, vibrationally mediated photochemistry in size/quantum state-selected clusters, alignment phenomena, collision dynamics of gases with thin films, and development of atomic force/scanning-tunneling methods for near-field-scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) of molecules on surfaces.

Selected Publications:

For a list of Professor Nesbitt’s latest publications visit https://jila.colorado.edu/nesbitt/publications/scientific/year