Andreas Becker Portrait
Professor • JILA Fellow

Office: JILA X350

Research Interests:

I am interested in the analysis and simulation of ultrafast phenomena in atoms, molecules and clusters, in particular attosecond electron dynamics, coherent control and molecular imaging.

My research interests are related to the theoretical analysis and numerical simulation of ultrafast phenomena in atoms, molecules and clusters interacting with intense laser pulses. Laser systems currently generate light pulses with field strengths exceeding that of the Coulomb field within an atom or molecule. Pulse durations are as short as a few femtoseconds (10^{-15} sec) or even less in the attosecond regime, which correspond to the time scales of electron and nuclear dynamics in materials. My group pursues theoretical studies on the coherent control of chemical reactions, the observation of correlated electron dynamics in atoms and molecules, the imaging of molecular dynamics, and the propagation of ultrashort intense laser pulses. We often work in close collaboration with experimental groups.

Selected Publications:

  1. Laser driven nonadiabatic electron dynamics in molecules (Invited Review) M.R. Miller, Y. Xia, A. Becker and A. Jaron-Becker Optica 3, 259-269 (2016)
  2. Mollow sidebands in high-order harmonic spectra of molecules Y. Xia and A. Jaron-Becker Optics Express 24, 4689-4697 (2016)
  3. Tomographic reconstruction of circularly polarized high-harmonic fields: 3D attosecond metrology C. Chen, Z. Tao, C. Hernandez-Garcia, P. Matyba, A. Carr, R. Knut, O. Kfir, D. Zusin, C. Gentry, P. Grychtol, O. Cohen, L. Plaja, A. Becker, A. Jaron-Becker, H. Kapteyn, and M. Murnane  Science Advances 2, E1501333 (2016)
  4. High-order harmonic generation driven by pulses with angular spatial chirp C. Hernandez-Garcia, A. Jaron-Becker, D. Hickstein, A. Becker, and C.G. Durfee Physical Review A 93, 023825 (2016)
  5. High-harmonic spectroscopy of laser-driven nonadiabatic electron dynamics in the hydrogen molecular ion M.R. Miller, A. Jaron-Becker, and A. Becker Physical Review A 93, 013406 (2016)
  6. Efficient soft X-ray high harmonic generation in multiply-ionized plasmas: the ultraviolet surprise D. Popmintchev, C. Hernández-García, F. Dollar, C. Mancuso, J.A. Pérez-Hernández, M.-C. Chen, A. Hankla, X. Gao, B. Shim, A. Gaeta, M.Tarazkar, D. Romanov, R. Levis, J.A. Gaffney, M. Foord, S.B. Libby, A. Jaron-Becker, A. Becker, L. Plaja, M.M. Murnane, H.C. Kapteyn, and T. Popmintchev Science 350, 1225 (2015)
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