Published: Aug. 16, 2023

Group photo of participants at Quantum Materials Synthesis WorkshopThe CU Boulder campus recently hosted the Quantum Materials Synthesis (QMS) Workshop organized by CU Boulder Physics Professor Gang Cao. Supported by the National Science Foundation and the University of Colorado Boulder, the workshop drew over 100 participants including 32 invited speakers. The QMS Workshop brought together physicists, materials scientists, chemists, and theorists in the quantum materials community. 

The workshop was designed to address the critical need for communication and collaboration as scientists work to tackle quantum materials challenges. Professor Gang Cao commented “Quantum materials synthesis is a rapidly growing, extraordinarily active community, especially in recent years. To a large extent, quantum materials synthesis is at the heart of quantum technologies.” Describing the importance of QMS, Professor Cao added “no clear-cut material realizations of many long sought-after novel quantum states are a stark reminder that daunting material challenges will inevitably hinder advances in quantum technologies, such as realistic quantum computers.” 

Professor Robert Cava of Princeton University stated, “This Workshop is a historic event.” To promote further collaborations, plans are underway to publish the QMS 2023 Workshop proceedings with World Scientific, and Prof. R. Ramesh, Vice President for Research at Rice University, plans to host the next QMS Workshop at Rice University.