Published: June 19, 2023

The Department of Physics has recently awarded 60 undergrad Physics and Engineering Physics Students a total of over $100,000 in scholarships since Academic Year 2022-2023.

45 physics and engineering physics students received approximately $85,000 in scholarships and awards during Academic Year 2022-2023, and 15 additional students will receive a total of $15,000 in AY23-24.

Many of these scholarships are funded from generous support of alumni and friends of the department, including Steve & Mazie Armstrong, Thomas Bliska & Gray Boyce, Elfriede Gamow, Steven Greene, Tom & Brenda Kirk, Jesse Kramer, Joe & Cindy Mitchell, Leon & Mitzi Shands, Barbara Shrauner and Stephen Halley White. In addition, scholarships have been recently created to honor the memory of Physics Professors Uriel Nauenberg, John Wahr and Albert Bartlett, as well as alumnus Herbert E. Bowman.

“We are beyond grateful for the generosity of our department donors,” Department Chair Michael Ritzwoller said, “their support is integral to the success of our students.”

Find out how you can support future scholarships on our giving page.