Published: July 17, 2020

UPDATE: An updated Fall 2020 Course Schedule is now available and will be updated regularly. The schedule posted here reflects lecture meeting times, instruction modes, and classrooms assigned as of August 7, 2020. For the most up to date schedule, please visit .

The Fall 2020 course schedule is still being revised by the Registrar but please note that all PHYS courses can be completed remotely or online. We are also planning to have an in-person component for many core physics classes, but it will be possible to take every PHYS class remotely. The fall 2020 schedule will continue to be adjusted until mid-to-late July, so if you see schedule conflicts those may be resolved once the scheduling process is completed. Current degree-seeking students will have access to adjust schedules starting August 3. Additional details are on the Road Map to Fall 2020 site.