Published: May 31, 2012

Oliver DeWolfe PortraitCongratulations to Assistant Professor Oliver DeWolfe, who won the 2012 Boulder Faculty Assembly's Excellence in Teaching Award. The award was presented during a ceremony on Wednesday, April 18th.

"I am honored to receive this award from the BFA," DeWolfe said, "especially knowing that it was based on the recommendations of my colleagues in the Physics department, who have taught me a tremendous amount about teaching, and on the recommendations of my former students, who have taught me even more."

Each year, the Boulder Faculty Assembly nominate and recognize faculty who perform outstanding work in the fields of research, teaching and service. These awards are especially notable because Boulder Campus colleagues make the nominations as well as the selections of award recipients.

DeWolfe's research is in theoretical high energy physics, focusing on string theory, supergravity and their applications to other phenomena via holography. He joins five other physics faculty who have earned this award: Noah Finkelstein (2007), Paul Beale (2004), Michael Dubson (2001), Steven Pollock (1998) and Robert Taylor (1981-2).

Each award includes a $3,000 cash prize, funded by the Chancellor's office.

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