Timestamp Description Attribution Copyright Status
0:00 Pathway to Space Video Opener CU Campus Aerial Photo: Glenn Asakawa; Graphics: Peter Cullum; Song: Garrett Sayers Created by Pathway to Space
0:10-end "Three planes outside" Provided by Brian Argrow Permission Received
0:40 "Photograph of two tornadoes" OAR/ERL/Wave Propagation Laboratory Public Domain
1:02 "Photo of a hailstorm" Stephen Pete Peterson Unknown
1:37 "Photo of lightning in a dark storm" Sebastian Voortman CC0
2:10 "A photograph of a woman standing in her storm cellar" TSgt Bradley C. Church Public Domain
2:16 "Photograph of homes destroyed by a tornado" TSgt Bradley Church Public Domain
2:51 "Photograph of astronaut on the moon" NASA Public Domain
3:12 "Photograph of a tornado forming" Provided by Brian Argrow Permission Received
4:14 "Diagram outlining the structure of a supercell" Kelvinsong CC 3.0
4:34 "A photograph of a tornado near a truck designed to observe the storm" Dr. Mike Coniglio CC 2.0
5:58 "Short clip from the movie Twister of the storm chasing team driving in a tornado" Warner Brothers Copyrighted - Using under Fair Use to illustrate professor's reference to the storm chaser team from the film, Twister, that was based on his colleague's early work in the field
6:23 "CU Tornador Chaser video" Provided by Brian Argrow Permission Received
7:30 "The Global Hawk flew this lawnmower flight pattern over Hurrican Cristobal" NASA Public Domain
7:35 "Surplus military radar used for early Doppler research" NOAA Public Domain
7:41 "Two radar scans of a storm near Charlotte, NC" NOAA Public Domain
7:47 "A doppler image of a tornadic thunderstorm near La Grange, Wyoming" Joshua Wurman, Center for Severe Weather Research CC 3.0
8:20 "Graph of Weather Fatalities" NOAA Public Domain
9:31 "Tornado image by a mobile doppler radar" Provided by Brian Argrow Permission Received
9:36 "TTUKa radars used by VORTEX2" Dr. Christopher Weiss Unknown
10:48 "Launch of Tempest unmanned aircraft" University of Colorado Courtesy University of Colorado
11:15 "NASA unmanned aerial system for wildfire detection" NASA Public Domain
11:18 "DJI Matrice 600 Hexacopter as viewed in DJI's Denver store" Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post Copyrighted - Using under Fair Use to illustrate the devleopment of new tools in aeronautics and UAVs
11:21 "Assembly of a Puma unmanned aircraft at MacDill AFB" Jay Conner/Tampa Bay Online Unknown
11:52 "Tornado that formed near Colorado Springs, CO on June 4, 2015" James Smart/Caters News Agency Copyrighted - Using under Fair Use and provided by professor to illustrate the difficulty of monitoring tornados with drones due to their force
12:04 "Video of release of baloon in the wind" Provided by Brian Argrow Permission Received
13:30 "NASA's Global Hawk 100th NASA flight" NASA/Tom Miller Public Domain
17:15 "Small UAV flying" Provided by Brian Argrow Permission Received
17:59 "Drone shots made by NUHO Productions" Svanhoutert CC 4.0
18:48 "Drone used for making soil moisture maps produced by Black Swift Technologies" Black Swift Technologies Unknown
18:55 "Artist's rendering of the SMAP instrument" NASA/JPL-Caltech Public Domain
19:03 "Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) image of global soil moisture" NASA/JPL-Caltech/GSFC Public Domain
20:19 "The Datahowk as deployed by CU's RECUV research group" CU/RECUV Courtesy University of Colorado