The Grand Challenge

For 50 years, CU Boulder has been a leader in the earth and space sciences. We have sent instruments to every planet in our solar system and are among the world's leading public universities in producing astronauts. We explore our own planet from the depths of the ocean to the upper limits of the atmosphere. What will the next 50 years bring?   

What is the challenge?

Our world is facing significant issues with a changing environment, increasing populations and limited resources. The intersection of people, resources and our planet is where CU Boulder can use its expertise in space-based observation and exploration to address our world’s most pressing problems. 

How will CU Boulder address this challenge?

Our Space. Our Future. fuses CU Boulder’s unique strengths in earth, space and social sciences with new technologies and partners to address the pace and pattern of changes for our environment, our resources and our planet.

We will:

  • Develop pathways to connect critical earth and space science knowledge to stakeholders and decision makers through the incorporation of social science and education with earth and space science efforts.
  • Create an environment within which academia, industry and government work collaboratively to solve problems of national and international importance.
  • Build new infrastructure and capabilities that support CU Boulder's earth and space science efforts while increasing CU Boulder’s stature nationally and internationally.
  • Create new ways for education and training of students to meet national needs in the emerging earth and space exploration sectors.
  • Increase the number of federal and commercial partners engaged in CU Boulder earth and space exploration efforts, allowing CU Boulder to successfully compete for both traditional and nontraditional funding opportunities.