Workshop: Enabling Our Future

Goal: To identify, develop and deepen CU Boulder’s and CU Anschutz’ capabilities in the emergent discipline of Climate & Health. Emphasis on:

  • Community building: Create a transdisciplinary research community that bridges the existing climate and public health community across the campuses.
  • Identifiable Research Agendas: Organize participants around key emergent themes, building on current research cohorts.

This workshop took place on May 9, 2017.

Attendee List  Agenda

8:30am      Opening Remarks (Rajagopalan Balaji, Chancellor Phil DiStefano, Vice Chancellor for Research Terri Fiez)
8:45am      Air Quality/Atmospheric Sciences (Colleen Reid, Geography)
9:05am      Climate Science and Climate Projection (Alex Jahn, Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences)
9:25am      Water Sciences/Water Quality (Noah Molotch, Center for Water, Earth Sciences, and Technology)
9:45am      Green Design and Sustainability (Wil Srubar, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering)
10:05am    Earth Science Data and Methodologies (Jennifer Balch, Earth Lab)
10:40am    Heat Stress (Rick Johnson, Renal Diseases)
11:00am    Infectious Disease (Rosemary Rochford, Immunology & Microbiology)
11:25am    Worker Health (Lili Tenney, Center for Health, Work & Environment)
11:45am    Respiratory Disease (Jim Crooks, Biostatistics)
12:05pm    Climate Medicine (Jay Lemery, Emergency Medicine)
1:15pm      Introduction to the Climate and Health Consortium (Rosemary Rochford)
1:30pm      Research Theme Break Out
3:30pm      Report Outs
4:30pm      Closing Remarks