Pathway to Space (ASEN 1969)

Welcome to CU’s first space show!

Pathway to Space (ASEN 1969) is the kickoff class for CU’s new Space Minor, open to all students at CU Boulder. Take a look inside the show and see how this interactive exploration of space will help you discover how you can be a part of humankind’s next giant leap! 

Join your host, Instructor Chris Koehler, special guests, and your peers from across campus to learn about the mind-boggling mysteries of space, the history of human space exploration, and the wonders of the stars and beyond. You’ll come away from the class with your own personal pathway to a future in space studies that complements your interests, your major, and your career goals.

Students from any major can join us each spring for Pathway to Space and be a part of the CU space show!