Who can take the Pathway to Space class?

Pathway to Space is the first required course for CU Boulder's new Space Minor. Any undergraduate from any major can enroll in the Space Minor!

Why would I take Pathway to Space?
  • Do you want to learn more about space in a fun, engaging and welcoming environment? 

  • Have you always been interested in space, but knew a degree in Aerospace wasn’t quite for you? 

  • Are you excited about your major and are wondering how you can have a career in space studies? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then Pathway to Space is the course for you! Enroll in the Space Minor and then register for ASEN 1969 for this spring semester.

What's the format of the class?

Pathway to Space is a 3-credit class that will be held for the first time, this spring 2017 at the University of Colorado Boulder. The classroom environment will actually be a space show, with Instructor Chris Koehler as your host. Each class, you will hear from special guests who are experts in the field of space studies and will learn how you can play a role in space. The class will be fun and engaging and will be full of surprises!