In 1974, renowned CU peace researchers Elise and Kenneth Boulding with the support of CU Sociology Professor Paul Wehr began a pioneering program to prepare students for careers in peacemaking. Since then, the Peace, Conflict, and Security Program (PACS) at CU has produced hundreds of young peace professionals.

PACS is a unique academic program with a mission to improve how humans engage with social issues through nonviolent approaches. Today, more than ever, students are seeking ways to reduce destructive conflict and injustice at home and abroad. The PACS program trains students to analyze the sources of conflict and develop skills in conflict resolution across levels, from the interpersonal to the international. PACS graduates 30 students per year with the certificate and serves over 400+ students in our courses and seminars.

A student earns the PACS Certificate by completing 18-credit hours in PACS courses, where they learn fundemental theories of conflict and cooperation, as well as practical and transferable skills in modes of facilitative practice, including mediation, problem solving, and restorative justice. The PACS website links students to graduate study, internships and employment opportunities in peacemaking and social change organizations.

Your support of the PACS program allows us to expand the number of courses offered, provide internships, develop study abroad and training opportunties, as well as expand career placement resources for students. With initial donations of $25,000, the Colorado Peace Studies Endowment (Pure) was established to honor the contributions of the Bouldings and to further the PACS mission of preparing students to work for a more peaceful future. Contributions to the endowment increasingly provide PACS with the support it needs. Tax-deductible donations may be made by credit card, check, phone, or stock.

For credit card, please visit the Colorado Peace Studies Endowment Fund, CU Boulder Foundation website.

For check, please complete the giving form and mail it along with your check to the address noted on the form.

  • On the giving form, please write 'Colorado Peace Studies Endowment' as the gift you are supporting
  • The check can be made out to: University of Colorado Foundation (Memo Line on check: Colorado Peace Studies Endowment) 

Attn: Margaret Bryant
University of Colorado Foundation
PO Box 17126
Denver, CO 80217-9155

For phone, please call +1 (303) 541-1290, Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm MT, and a CU Foundation representative will be happy to accept and process your gift. Please be specific in directing your gift to the Colorado Peace Studies Endowment.

For stock, contact CU Foundation Accounting at or 303-813-7935. Please be specific in directing your gift to the Colorado Peace Studies Endowment.

To speak with someone about PACS or the Endowment, be in touch with Margaret Bryant at +1 (303) 541-1474