PACE enables CU Boulder’s undergraduates to engage their professional communities in local, national and global contexts while providing solutions and driving innovations that address the humanitarian, social and technological challenges of the 21st century.

As they present and exhibit their work in locations around the world, students not only connect with leaders from the public and private sectors, they move conversations forward—and in new directions.

The testimonials on this site speak to the growth and validation that comes from engaging their professional communities, and their faculty mentors’ enthusiasm highlights the leadership these students will provide in advancing humankind.


“This conference really showed me that my research isn't isolated and that people care about the work that I do.”

Ashish Srivastava

“This experience made me think of philosophy as a more collaborative discipline, with all manner of constructive criticism and unique ideas presented about each paper at the conference. While I originally thought of the conference as a burden on my semester, it turned out to be an experience that I truly enjoyed and that I will attempt to attend in the future.”

Mitchell Zonies

“This experience helped me significantly with independence, time management, analytical thinking and confidence. One moment that stood out to me was when an attendee came up to me and told me about her friend who has the disease I studied; we had a meaningful conversation and she thanked me for doing the work I was doing.”

Natalia Klamut

“This conference served as the springboard for my academic career. I secured a position in a space plasma physics research lab in no small part due to this experience on my resume! It gave me a valuable opportunity to practice my scientific communication, learn about open research questions, and identify areas in academia where there is still work to be done for inclusivity and clarity—incredibly inspiring!”

Julia Claxton

“It was the first time I traveled to connect with others interested in Classics, and it felt like a community. Even though we were all interested in our own niche topics, there was a shared interest and excitement amongst us. It was more supportive than I expected it to be—a real sense of wanting us to succeed!”

Garrett Fowler

“This conference gave me a fresh perspective on how I dance and how I want my students to engage with dance. It helped remind me that dance should be healing and fun—as well as informative and precise.  I learned that having the right notation or the correct technique is not the only thing that makes you a dancer.  How you carry yourself in this world matters.”

Dominique Holling

“This conference allowed me to represent CU Boulder in honor of choreographer James Hoang Nguyen and provided a platform to showcase the work done at our university. The piece that I performed was chosen out of 44 others in the northwest region!”

James Solis Gutierrez

“The most valuable part of my participation in this conference was being able to contextualize my experiences within the greater field of college dance.”

Daniel Grove

“This experience was instrumental in preparing me for the next phase of my academic and professional journey. Presenting to a diverse audience enhanced my communication skills and increased my confidence in presenting complex technical concepts. It also provided an excellent opportunity to interact with other professionals and researchers in my field—expanding my network and opening doors!”

Barbara De Figueiredo Vera

“Preparing for and participating in this conference, I found myself maturing and becoming apart of the greater scientific community. I was accepted into my top masters program and am grateful for my experience in the Lynch Lab at CU for propelling my interest in continuing my education.”

Adrienne Lezak

“The conference instilled greater intentionality in my work, enhanced my curiosity and desire to learn, and motivated me to continue pushing myself to obtain my goals. It added another dimension to my schoolwork. I got the opportunity to see research 'come to life' and better understand how my work will benefit the health and wellbeing of individuals.”

Sydney Holtman

“I gained a clear picture of what a professional career would entail, as well as the importance of this career. I am so grateful to have the ability to be a part of that community and connect with others. I will look back on this experience as a valuable and unique opportunity to connect—even before I  begin a professional career in the community.”

Nicholas Alter

“Participating in this conference made me realize the potential I have in academic and professional settings—and ignited my love for research! I never would have thought that I could accomplish these goals as an undergraduate, nor did I think I could afford it. Having financial support and an amazing mentor made this possible for me.”

Abi Matthews

“There is simply so much research going on at CU, across the United States and internationally. It can be incredibly overwhelming and hard to really take in, but at the same time it's exhilarating!”

Hermann Klein-Hessling Barrientos

Historic Data

PACE began issuing awards in 2011, and student demand has been steadily rising.  Though the pandemic restricted travel and limited academic and professional events for a few years, students participated in events virtually and are quickly returning to travel with restrictions easing.

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