Healthy Behaviors Consider discussing with someone/Document  Consider calling the police/seek help  Call 911

  1. Healthy boundaries are when: You say "no" and the other respectfully leaves and does not contact you again
  2. Moving toward unhealthy when: You say "no" and the other contacts you again
  3. Consider discussing with someone/document*: You say "no" again and the other tries to talk you into a yes and/or continues to contact you, now contacts you more often
  4. Consider calling the police/seeking help when: You get multiple/repeated contacts, the other shows up where you are, may threaten you, is disrespectful, does not take "No" for an answer
  5. Call 911: The other threatens you, physically harms you and/or your property.

*It is important not to wait too long before talking with someone about behavior that is unwanted and repetitive.

If you see this happening to a friend, talk to them. Please call the Office of Victim Assistance for support.

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