Published: Feb. 15, 2024
Involvement Fair

Now is the time for students to begin looking for a job or summer internship. Many companies are actively recruiting CU Boulder students for a variety of positions. Your student can find support and resources from Career Services to help in their search. 

Use Handshake 

Your student’s Handshake account is an effective job search tool and the main job search platform used by CU Boulder. Career Services has customized tips and keyword searches for students to use to help maximize their search. They can use filters and set up saved searches with criteria that match their interests to receive email notifications when employers post new positions that match their search. 

Your student can benefit from completing their Handshake profile to showcase their skills and experiences. Students with a more complete profile are more likely to get job recommendations matching their skills, experience and preferences, and employers can contact them directly about available opportunities. They can also use Handshake’s AI tool, Coco, to ask questions like: Where are interesting places to work in the Denver area? What industries are currently in high demand for people with my skills? 

Plan to attend career fairs  

Students can find opportunities and connect with employers at career fairs this spring. Career fairs are free online and in-person events where your student can network and meet with recruiters who are hiring. 

Encourage your student to review the schedule of upcoming career fairs and mark their calendar for the ones they’re interested in attending. They can sign up to participate on Handshake and check the list of employers attending.  

Students with complete Handshake profiles have a better chance of meeting one-on-one with employers at virtual fairs. Students can review these steps to complete their Handshake profiles and make sure they’re on the ‘public’ setting so employers can view them.    

Work on application materials 

Students need to act fast when they find an internship or job posting of interest to them. It can help to create a template resume and cover letter with their experience, skills and accomplishments. These core documents give them a starting point to tailor their experience and examples for each application. They can save time and focus more on adapting their documents rather than starting from scratch each time.  

Your student can review tips from Career Services on how to perfect their resume and personalize their cover letter. These documents usually make the first impression with potential employers, so encourage your student to take the time to represent themself well.    

Meet with others 

Your student may feel like they don’t have a professional network yet, but they may be surprised to know they already have one. Their network includes previous employers, supervisors, advisors, professors, family friends—anyone who has supported their career growth or has the potential to do so. Now is a great time for your student to reconnect and see if anyone in their network knows of upcoming opportunities.  

Your student can also build professional relationships with others in their field of interest. They can join the Forever Buffs Network to connect with CU Boulder alumni. These connections can help with resume feedback and interview preparation. And some may be open to informational interviews or mentoring. Your student’s LinkedIn profile can help them build their network and find opportunities throughout their professional career.   

Start today 

Job and internship searching can feel intimidating, but if your student spends 10 minutes four times a week on their search, those small bits of time will add up. Sometimes, students may talk themselves out of applying if they don’t think they meet all the qualifications listed in the description. If they’re interested in a position and believe they can do it well, they can apply—even if they don’t meet every item on the list. Most employers will interview candidates if they meet most of their criteria.  

It can take some time for your student to find an internship or job that’s right for them. Encourage them to be patient and persistent and remind them that Career Services is here to help every step of the way.   

For more tips, your student can check out weekly programs and workshops from Career Services. These free workshops will share best practices for finding internships, preparing for career fairs and more.