Published: Feb. 8, 2018

As your student becomes more independent, you may hear them use the phrase ‘adulting’ more often. Part of the student experience is developing skills and routines that are typical of an adult, such as cooking, completing household chores, running errands and paying bills. CU Boulder offers resources to help your student develop these skills and live more independently.


CU Money Sense is the financial wellness program for CU Boulder students. CU Money Sense has tools and resources to help your student with budgeting, saving, managing debt and more. Students can also make a one-on-one appointment with a financial counselor to further develop their financial literacy.


Ralphie’s Cooking Basics is a free, weekly cooking class on campus. Your student can learn basic cooking techniques and recipes for delicious meals, including broccoli and cheddar soup with corn bread, kebabs, street tacos, fried chicken and cinnamon rolls.

Resumes and Job Interview Skills

As your student is getting ready to enter the job market, Career Services offers resources to help your student with writing a resume, developing interview skills and salary negotiation. Students can also make an appointment with a Career Counselor to improve their resume or interview skills.

Renting and Living Off-Campus

Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations helps students with everything they need to know about living in the Boulder community. Students have access to free lease reviews and legal advice on rental concerns from an on-campus attorney, a rental database to search for available units in the Boulder area and information on city ordinances to avoid citations.

Depending on where your student lives off-campus, they may be responsible for utilities for the first time. ECO-Visits, offered by the Environmental Center, is a free service for students that helps them save money on energy bills while reducing their ecological footprint. Through ECO-Visits, your student could benefit from money saving upgrades such as energy efficient CFL light bulbs, weather-stripping, window film, pipe insulation and water-smart showerheads at no cost. Encourage your student to sign up for ECO-Visits today!